Breastfeed & Travel?
We Make it Easy!

No more need to lug a pump along or fight security at the airport! Ybreast provides pumping stations on the go. We even get the breastmilk back home.

Best for Baby is Also Best for Business

Show your attendees, your visitors and your guests that you care. We help you go that extra mile.

Ybreast assists employers, corporate sponsors, conference organizers and luxury hotels with the setup and delivery of provisional pumping stations. We provide premium hospital-grade breast pumps, personal milk collection kits, refrigeration and on-site lactation consultants to assist your clients with their offsite pumping and breastmilk storage needs. We even transport their breastmilk home to baby.

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When you need to get away, Ybreast Travels make it easy.

For the Nursing Mom of Leisure Too

For the nursing mom of leisure, we can also help. In advance of your trip, Ybreast Travels will ship a premium hospital grade breast pump to your hotel or destination of choice and arrange for the pickup and delivery of your breastmilk. When you need to get away, we have you and, more importantly, your baby covered. Why pack a pump? Why fight airport security? Let us do it for you. Contact Ybreast today about how we can help you provide for your baby while away.

Domestic or International, No Problem!

We provide assistance throughout the United States and in all metropolitan cities around the globe. We will provide you with an American hospital-grade breast pump, all accessories and when appropriate the necessary international adapter. For your added convenience, your package will come complete with a box of breast pads because we understand that while away from your baby, you may need to change your pads more frequently and why be bothered by remembering to pack extra. We take care of it all.

While traveling and away from your baby, problems may arise such as engorgement, clogged ducts or mastitis. We are available 24/7 to assist you with your hospital-grade breast pump or to provide you with breastfeeding and/or pumping assistance. When necessary, we are even able to source local breastfeeding expertise and arrange house calls for an additional fee.

Make your next trip an easier one and leave some of the packing to us!