Caffeine_Pic_Edited“Sleep when the baby sleeps,” or so they say. But what if the baby NEVER EVER sleeps unless he’s in your arms or on your chest or in some other position that makes it totally impossible for you to get simultaneous shut-eye? And what about the 10 thousand-plus household chores that you’re supposed to tackle during his all-too-short naps? Laundry to fold, bills to pay, hair to wash—it never ends.

To make it through the day, many of us frazzled moms need a jolt of java—and the reassurance that caffeine won’t hurt our babies. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly fine to drink coffee while you’re breastfeeding. Push that snoozing-baby-carrying stroller right over to Starbucks and order yourself a latte with zero guilt.

The more we learn about breastfeeding, the more we understand that very little is off-limits. Caffeine hasn’t been shown to depress milk production or mess with a baby’s sleep, so go ahead and brew yourself that morning cup of coffee.

Just don’t go overboard. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding moms cap their caffeine intake at about 300 mg a day, which is the equivalent of about two regular cups of coffee or five (!) cans of soda. When you drink coffee or any other caffeinated beverage like tea or soda, only a miniscule amount—an estimated 1 percent—transfers to the breastmilk. That’s not much, but some newborns (and especially preemies) might still be sensitive to even those trace amounts of caffeine. If you suspect your caffeine habit is keeping your baby up, cut back for a few weeks and see if his sleeping improves.

At Ybreast, we want you to have as full and enjoyable a life as possible while you’re breastfeeding, and if that means a morning cup of coffee, then enjoy every last sip. We would still caution against that after-dinner espresso, though: after all, you need sleep, too!