NYTimes Breastfeeding article responseI am absolutely appalled, though not surprised, that TIME, the New York Times, and other large name media outlets have linked onto a study published online in Social Science & Medicine that concludes there is no significant difference between siblings where one was breastfed and the other bottle-fed.  The study is flawed, biased, and lacks the peer review necessary to give the data any worth, which is both misleading and outraging the medical community.

The criteria used to distinguish between the two groups—breastfed siblings from bottle-fed siblings—was to ask mom the yes-or-no question, “Did you breastfeed?” While breastmilk is pretty powerful stuff, it isn’t magic and study after study (the good ones) have proven that the beneficial effects of breastmilk are cumulative, meaning that the longer mom breastfeeds, the greater the benefits to baby.

Please do not fall for the hype of the media and please do not buy the headlines. The media is only there to sell you a good story and sadly enough, another battle in the unfortunate mommy war will always sell.