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More breastmilk in less time.
Introducing the Ameda Platinum
“Hospital-Grade” Breast Pump.

Pumping shouldn’t hurt.
And it shouldn’t take all day!
There are many reasons why moms need a breastpump. Whether you are looking to increase your milk supply, returning to work or just looking to create an emergency stash, a premium multiple-user breast pump, previously referred to as “hospital-grade,” is always your best option. You will be able to pump more breastmilk in less time. And no matter what the situation, time is always a precious commodity.

I want the best breast pump!

Those Who Know, Demand the Ameda Platinum

The Ameda Platinum has been shown to outperform all other multiple-user breast pumps. Its simple to use CustomConrol™ technology, which provides over 5000 speed and suction combinations, allows you to achieve your highest comfortable suction setting, trigger multiple milk ejections and extract the most milk possible. What’s more, the Ameda Platinum uses Proven Airlock Protection™, the world’s only protective barrier system guaranteed to protect your milk (and therefore, baby) from the bacteria, mold and viruses that can sometimes build as a result of trapped moisture in the tubing. Ybreast exclusively offers the Ameda Platinum because it is the only multiple-user breast pump to offer the comfort, efficiency and safety that our clients demand.

The Exclusive Choice of Ybreast

Ybreast supports you and all of your breastfeeding needs, offering Ameda Platinum rentals by the day, week, month or year.

For added convenience and comfort, upgrade your rental to include the Ybreast Concierge Pump Solution. Just another way that Ybreast makes the life of the nursing mom that much easier.

Ybreast Concierge Pump Solution©

For added convenience, comfort and even greater milk extraction


  • A personal flange fitting by a Ybreast consultant
  • Pair of Ameda “CustomFit” breast flanges
  • An Ameda Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System
  • Delivery and pickup at the end of the rental term
  • Instructions on proper usage and milk storage safety
  • Only $150 with Ameda Platinum rental
For added comfort and even greater milk extraction, combine your Ameda Platinum rental with the Ybreast Concierge Pump Solution. Only the Concierge Pump Solution includes a personal flange fitting by a Ybreast consultant. While all personal collection kits include a standard size breast flange, research has found that nearly one third of mothers report greater comfort and more milk with a larger-than-standard breast flange size. Using the Ameda CustomFit Flange System™, your Ybreast consultant will identify and provide the best flange fit possible for the most comfortable and effective seal imaginable.

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While breastmilk straight from the tap is always your best choice, your pumped milk follows behind as a close second. And your baby would agree. It’s almost just as delicious!

For more information, please see “Bottle or Tap: Does It Really Matter?

Why not just buy a personal breast pump?

Personal use breast pumps are the pumps that you find for sale in baby stores and online. They are probably what your friends use, but they are not the best option. Multiple user breast pumps provide durability and effectiveness that personal or single user pumps cannot offer. The motors of personal breast pumps are not designed for perpetual and continued use. Over time, they slow down. If a mother is using her personal pump on a regular basis she may not notice its slowly diminishing power and functionality, which could negatively impact her milk supply. Personal pumps are not designed to operate at full strength for the long-term. For the mom who needs to pump occasionally, a personal breast pump might be the right choice. But for the mother who uses her pump regularly, a multiple user breast pump is always the best option. A multiple user breast pump allows you to express more milk in less time compared with the use of a personal pump.

Are “hospital-grade” pumps safe to share?

It is absolutely safe to share a multiple user breast pump provided you use your own personal milk collection kit. With a multiple user “hospital-grade” breast pump, your milk never comes into contact with the pump. Your milk comes only into contact with your personal collection kit. What’s more, the Ameda personal collection kit is the world’s only milk collection kit with a proven protective barrier. It is guaranteed to protect your breastmilk and baby from bacteria, mold and viruses that can build in traditional tubing. Ameda’s Proven Airlock Protection™ keeps tubing dry by preventing air flow between your expressed milk and the tubing of the collection kit. There is never a need to clean the narrow tubing and the milk stays pure. With the Ameda Platinum, you can rest assured that your milk and your baby are kept safe.

Pumping While Regularly Away from Baby

Breastmilk and the Premature Baby

Let’s face it, no matter the reason, pumping sucks!
But with the Ameda Platinum, you are able to deliver more milk in less time. And that means you can get back to doing what you really enjoy.