BF Shouldn't Hurt_EditedWould a man ever wax his legs, go dancing in 6-inch stilettos, or place a peppermint citrus mask on his face? No way! Why? It hurts. As women, we’re conditioned early on to endure the pain and concentrate on the results. Perhaps it is nature’s way of preparing us for pregnancy and labor, or maybe it is just some crazy and inherent psychosis that accompanies the second X chromosome. Either way, the self-sacrificing part of our nature can lead us astray. We’re so accustomed to self-inflicted discomfort, that it’s easy for moms to turn a blind-eye to breastfeeding pain.

Moms would do anything, and endure anything, if it benefits their baby. But breastfeeding should never hurt. You should never be in pain, and your breasts and nipples should never be sore. Your nipples do not need preparation: tell grandma to put down the toothbrush, ouch!  And, your breasts do not need conditioning: it isn’t a race. Women, and men alike, understand that breastfeeding can be difficult and misinterpret this to mean that breastfeeding pain is normal, but this is absolutely wrong. Soreness in your breasts and discomfort in your nipples indicates a problem. A new mom’s sacrifice is sleep, not physical pain, and breastfeeding pain should never go unaddressed.

Thanks to smartphones, most moms can locate the closest Starbucks long before they can locate a professional and quality lactation support provider. Just as important as the number of your pediatrician (okay, and the location of the nearest Starbucks), nursing moms need the resources of a lactation consultant at their fingertips. Breastfeeding isn’t easy, but a professional lactation consultant should be able to easily diagnose most causes of pain and provide you with a strategy for treatment. Pain that goes untreated often leads to bigger (and more excruciating) problems.

So don’t be a martyr, Ybreast is here. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality breastfeeding support without judgment. We are here for you 24/7 so you will never be without the support that you need. Now, can Starbucks say that?