For Employees

baby-or-workHere’s the scenario.

You recently had a baby and being the smart cookie that you are, you are breastfeeding your baby. Good job! Maternity leave is now over and it is time to return to work. While you look forward to some much needed adult conversation, you are worried about maintaining your milk supply and how your baby will be fed upon your departure.

While your freezer is so jam packed with expressed milk that your husband can no longer find the ice cream, you know that you will need to continue pumping on a regular basis to be able to provide your baby with his/her favorite food. You are itching to get back to work, but you wonder how you will possibly do it all. You want to show your boss that you are back in the game 100% and you need to prove to your colleagues that you are still sharp, but you have yet to attempt the periodic disappearing act that will be necessary to express your milk and maintain your milk supply.

To say you are nervous would be an understatement. While there is nothing that you would not do for the betterment of your baby, you cannot allow your career to take the backseat. You feel conflicted. Ybreast understands and we are here to help.

Too many working women stop breastfeeding before they are ready. Every day, women share with us their stories and their regrets. With some advance planning, however, you can make it work.

Ybreast appreciates the complexities and the demands of the corporate world and works with you to strategically construct a personal action plan that addresses the needs of you and your employer. We understand the needs and concerns of each side and can provide solutions that meet the interests of everyone.

Ybreast will help you (1) maintain your milk supply, (2) maximize the amount of milk expressed, and (3) minimize work flow disruptions. Before your return to work, we will calculate your baby’s current daily breastmilk intake and assess the volume of expressed milk that will be required on a daily basis following your return to work. Using this as our target and keeping in mind your baby’s current feeding schedule, your baby’s circadian rhythms, your commute, your work day and your specific job pressures, together we will develop a pumping schedule that accommodates both you and your employer.

We work with you to ensure that your baby can continue to receive the best nutrition possible until such time when you are both emotionally and physically ready to wean. Ybreast understands that a return to work isn’t easy and Ybreast is here to help. To learn more, contact us today.