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8 Tips for Getting Away Without Baby While Nursing

Gettin Away Without Baby_YbreastWhether it’s your first or fourth baby, you’re tired. And depending on your circumstances and/or level of desperation, you may finally be ready to get away… (gulp!) without baby. Luckily, with a little bit of advanced planning, choosing to breastfeed does not have to render vacationing a thing of the past. Whether for business or pleasure, here are a few tips to make your getaway while nursing a smooth one.

By |July 25th, 2014|

Abrupt Lactation Cessation: Guidelines for Safely Letting the Milk Run Dry

Abrupt Lactation Cessation_YbreastRarely by choice, there are unfortunate times when lactation cessation becomes urgent. During such emotionally charged times, it is imperative that mom remain acutely aware of her own breast health while seeking to halt lactation. Abruptly altering any prior milk expression schedule can lead to breast engorgement, which left unchecked can develop into mastitis. Below is a plan of action to bring milk production to an end while guarding against engorgement.

By |July 23rd, 2014|

Nipple Shields: Friend or Foe?

Nipple Shields_Edited

When baby isn’t latching or breastfeeding trouble hits, well-intentioned health professionals sometimes dole out the nipple shields. A nipple shield is a piece of flexible, nipple-shaped silicone that mom wears over her nipple while breastfeeding. Nipple shields allow the baby to grasp mom’s nipple with ease, but unfortunately, they can also lead to bigger breastfeeding issues down the line.

For starters, nipple shields can interfere with milk production and therefore baby’s milk intake. To breastfeed her baby, mom is dependent upon two hormones: prolactin and oxytocin. Simply put, prolactin prompts milk production and oxytocin triggers milk ejection. Prolactin is dependent upon frequent nipple

By |April 8th, 2014|

Ending Mommy Martyrdom: Breastfeeding Should Never Be Painful

BF Shouldn't Hurt_EditedWould a man ever wax his legs, go dancing in 6-inch stilettos, or place a peppermint citrus mask on his face? No way! Why? It hurts. As women, we’re conditioned early on to endure the pain and concentrate on the results. Perhaps it is nature’s way of preparing us for pregnancy and labor, or maybe it is just some crazy and inherent psychosis that accompanies the second X chromosome. Either way, the self-sacrificing part of our nature can lead us astray. We’re so accustomed to self-inflicted discomfort, that it’s easy for moms to turn a blind-eye to breastfeeding pain.

Moms would do anything, and endure anything, if it benefits their baby. But breastfeeding should never hurt. You should never be in pain, and your breasts and nipples should never be sore. Your nipples do not need preparation: tell grandma to put down the toothbrush, ouch!  And, your breasts do not need conditioning: it isn’t a race. Women, and

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A Storage Question: Can You Freeze Refrigerated Breastmilk?

Freezing Refrigerated Breastmilk_Pic_EditedTo freeze or not to freeze? That is the question when it comes to refrigerated breastmilk. We get this question a lot at Ybreast and we want to make sure you know the dos and don’ts of freezing breastmilk that’s been hanging out in the fridge, so your little one is getting the very best.

Picture this scenario: let’s say you need some serious me-time and you’ve scheduled a long-awaited and well-deserved mani/pedi. You secured Grandma’s babysitting services for this afternoon and you’re all set. You pump and leave milk in the fridge, just in case you’re not back in time for baby’s next feeding, and off you go. When you return, you find that the whole trip took under an hour and you’re back in time for baby’s next mealtime. Hurray! It’s only the next day when you go to grab some milk from the fridge for your morning coffee (which yes, is perfectly fine during breastfeeding!) that you realize you completely forgot to freeze that just-in-case breastmilk. Argh! Now what? Can you freeze the milk once it’s been refrigerated?

By |December 6th, 2013|