Managing Expectations_YbreastAs a general pediatrician and lactation consultant in a busy pediatric practice, my days are often filled with the stories and tears of new mothers. After all, giving birth is the single most life-changing experience most of us will ever have. While rewarding, it can throw even the best of us for a loop. And, breastfeeding certainly isn’t easy. I get it! To succeed, it starts with the expectation.

That being said, I find that the moms who tend to have the most difficult time, and often the least breastfeeding success, are the ones with the most unrealistic expectations. Realistically, one should expect the first 3-4 weeks of breastfeeding to be challenging… to say the least.

I, myself, have been there and with experience and time, I learned that while breastfeeding can be very difficult—at first—once you catch your groove and get past the sheer exhaustion that having a newborn naturally results in, it is infinitely easier to attach a baby to your breast at 2 AM than it is to get up and make a bottle. The trick is having a bit of patience and perseverance until you get there.